Broken Biscuits No.2.

Broken Biscuits 2 - Flyer frontBroken Biscuits 2 - Flyer back

Upwards and onwards. On Saturday 26th June, the second BB will spring into action at the superb Observer Building in Hastings. And oh my stars, what a line-up! The mighty David Quantick, one of the finest comedy writers in the UK (or anywhere, for that matter), has agreed to do a turn; that bunch of gypsy tramps and thieves Ingrid Pitt Orchestra will chuck up some Transylvanian Glam/Punk/Folk (for easy accordian); St Leonards’ very own performance powerhouse Kate Tym is gonna kick arse because…well, you’ll see, and Idle Eye will try to keep up. And somewhere in all of the above, we’ll be showing three of Dan Laidler‘s magnificently bizarre animated mini-episodes Windy’s Farm.

A night to remember, then. Or, as the New York Times recently described it, “something to do if Game of Thrones isn’t on.” We’ve been advised by the Observer Building that there is a strong possibility it will sell out, so in order to avoid disappointment a link will appear somewhere below this. Use it and relax, safe in the knowledge that you will be a small cog in the history of stuff. Because that’s what you wanted, right?

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