Nik Strangelove : Publicity Shots

Nik spent a day with us a few months back and produced some seriously lovely publicity shots for IE. Donald wanted to be a shadowy minder figure (lurking ominously in the background), so we decided to go for a sort of gritty 60s East End/David Bailey look, which tied in nicely with Nik’s analogue cameras and darkroom approach. I’ll add a few more at some point, but for now you’ll have to do with these (and Don’s sneaky one of Nik at work). Can’t recommend him highly enough, so have a gander at his website if you’re interested, link here.

Amateur of Life and Death : At Large

Some of you good people sent in shots of Amateur of Life and Death in situ, released from its slightly shifty brown paper wrapping. Anyone else?

Amateur of Life and Death : Launch Party @ Vout-O-Reenee’s 20/11/15

Fantastic night! Seriously healthy turnout, fabulous venue and a good time had by all; despite having to listen to a certain someone wittering drivel at them and cajoling them into buying a bloody book.

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