Book Update No.4


In an uncharacteristic break from black & white, I feel duty-bound to show you one of the pledge shirts that arrived just now. Yes, I look gormless and yes, it’s not quite in focus but you have my word, the quality is top drawer. Fairtrade organic cotton, beautifully reproduced and almost guaranteed to get you admiring looks from complete strangers. Almost…

10 thoughts on “Book Update No.4

    • I know, Nick. But you’ve gotta see how it looks in the flesh. B&W is lovely (& fear not, the tradition will continue) but in this case it couldn’t deliver. Sorry, normal service to be resumed forthwith!

    • Pierre! Oh my, of course you can have one early. But my cunning ploy was to have them as rewards so people will pledge for the printing of the book. If you solemly promise to do this, I’ll see what I can do. BTW they really are lovely, can’t take mine off!

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