IE Audio 29 : The Wicker Man

Quality undercoat for exterior stone and wood. With Martin Kemp from Spandau Ballet.

IE Audio 28 : The Magic Roundabout

In which my potty-mouthed satnav tries to save me from Swindon’s finest.

IE Audio 27 : The Final Curtain

A certain curtain.

IE Audio 26 : The Sea, The Sea

Murdoch spouts poppycock. As per…

IE Audio 25 : The Insomniac

Insomnia: the worst drug available to humanity. Just say no…

IE Audio 24 : (All Quiet On) The West London Front

The art of parties (deconstructed): “Do you think we could have Demis Roussos on?”

IE Audio 23 : The Enemy Within

“She’s dry as a witch’s tit, sir!” Some bank holiday cheer for anyone feeling a little under the weather…

IE Audio 22 : The Tic

Nightmares, agitation, global confusion, sweating, fast heart rate. You looking at me?

IE Audio 21 : The Meal Deal

“We live in a Faustian, Brechtian, Kafkaesque garden of insanity. And I kinda like it…” Recorded to an audience of nil at Cottage Donnington (thank you, Sally) after a regrettably inexpensive bottle of Tesco’s finest. You get what you pay for: this audio is free.

IE Audio 20 : The Hawker

“I’d give it at least a couple of hours.” This is what I’m up against, I kid you not. Featuring Louise Yates, totally nailing it as my nemesis.