Cast and Crew


Author : Godlike observer of all things related to the Idle Hour pubs without actually being there all that much.

Nibs : Owner of the Idle Hour pubs and brother of the above. Not necessarily through choice.

Da Mudda : Mother of both the above. Brutal, violent Nazi with a heart of gold.

Ursula : Long-suffering partner of author. Questioning her will to live.

Bobbins : Servant stooge who miraculously endures the centuries. Yes, a bit like Baldrick.

Giles Coren : The very same. Nibs’s most favourite food writer. Cunningly absent in person.

Dan Laidler : Artist, musician, sage. Created the Idle Eye drawing above.

Timmy : A cat (small furry girl that lives in pub. Not Nib’s girlfriend. Or is it?)

Further main characters to come when author can be arsed to add them


Author : Brad Pitt

Nibs : Bernard Manning

Da Mudda : Heinrich Himmler

Ursula : Sylvia Plath

Bobbins : Vileda Supermop with self-cleaning head

Giles Coren : Anyone you want, Giles

Dan Laidler : Dan Laidler


Designer : Jean Cocteau

Sound : Jeff Beck/Robert Plant

Wardrobe : Habitat

Dialect : Ross Noble

Lighting : 60 watt

No animals were harmed in the creation of this blog. There may or may not be a short interval after Act 1. Drinks can be pre-ordered online.

One thought on “Cast and Crew

  1. Great pub (I live 30secs away in Westfields), great staff, great food (hmm…burgers), great drinks selection, great decor, great atmos, greeeat garden. Great.
    Here’s a photo I took of Timmy the great cat too:
    The best

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