Cast and Crew


Author : Godlike observer of all things related to the Idle Hour pubs without actually being there all that much.

Nibs : Owner of the Idle Hour pubs and brother of the above. Not necessarily through choice.

Da Mudda : Mother of both the above. Brutal, violent Nazi with a heart of gold.

Ursula : Long-suffering partner of author. Questioning her will to live.

Bobbins : Servant stooge who miraculously endures the centuries. Yes, a bit like Baldrick.

Giles Coren : The very same. Nibs’s most favourite food writer. Cunningly absent in person.

Dan Laidler : Artist, musician, sage. Created the Idle Eye drawing above.

Timmy : A cat (small furry girl that lives in pub. Not Nib’s girlfriend. Or is it?)

Further main characters to come when author can be arsed to add them


Author : Brad Pitt

Nibs : Bernard Manning

Da Mudda : Heinrich Himmler

Ursula : Sylvia Plath

Bobbins : Vileda Supermop with self-cleaning head

Giles Coren : Anyone you want, Giles

Dan Laidler : Dan Laidler


Designer : Jean Cocteau

Sound : Jeff Beck/Robert Plant

Wardrobe : Habitat

Dialect : Ross Noble

Lighting : 60 watt

No animals were harmed in the creation of this blog. There may or may not be a short interval after Act 1. Drinks can be pre-ordered online.

1 thought on “Cast and Crew

  1. Great pub (I live 30secs away in Westfields), great staff, great food (hmm…burgers), great drinks selection, great decor, great atmos, greeeat garden. Great.
    Here’s a photo I took of Timmy the great cat too:
    The best

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