Broken Biscuits No.5.



Right, in three weeks we pack our bags and head off to the amazing Regather Works in Sheffield. It’s small, very cool and we’re delighted they’ve agreed to put us on. This time, we’ve got Shane Doane from the unstoppable Everly Pregnant Brothers, giving it a bit of welly on the stand-up; the magnificent Jenny Vegas, who will somehow find time out from her gruelling tour of Norfolk turkey farms and the DHSS to be with us – for one night only; And The Yorkshire Teabaggers, featuring David McClelland (the erstwhile star of long-forgotten 80s c-movie Cut) will be doing summat we’re pretty sure is to do with that there Yorkshire. And, of course, the redoubtable Dan Laidler‘s cult animation Windy’s Farm will make its greatest journey yet. If you’re within a fifty mile radius, there are no allowable excuses. You heard it here first x

IE Audio 29 : The Wicker Man

Quality undercoat for exterior stone and wood. With Martin Kemp from Spandau Ballet.