Broken Biscuits No.1.


What a brilliant night! Top notch entertainment across the board, lovely audience, amazing space and my own birth mother giving out free crisps to all and sundry. And we smashed the £150 bar deposit within a few minutes of opening! There’s a selection of highlights below, but more will be going up on the Facebook page any day now (please ‘like’ it or whatever it is you people do to pages). I’ve been told I have to monetise my content better, but as I don’t know what that means, I’m putting it up here instead. The next BB will be in July, same place, same time etc… and I’ll do my best to match the quality here, gonna be a tough call. Thanks to everyone who came, to everyone who performed, and to everyone who drank me back into the black: I am not worthy x

IE Audio 25 : The Insomniac

Insomnia: the worst drug available to humanity. Just say no…

Broken Biscuits No.1.


I’ve not been good, granted: next to no (no) updates on this ‘ere book and biblio-silence on the blog. But there is a reason for this, albeit rather tenuous. Saturday 23rd April sees the first of what I hope will be a quarterly event at Crystal Palace’s magnificent Antenna Studios, featuring some of the finest local talent IE can muster without resorting to bribery. Flame Proof is back with an exclusive last ever solo performance (my fervent prayer is that we can persuade him otherwise); Ron McElroy and Andrew Burke are gonna kick up some of that dirty blues direct from the CP Delta; Helen Thorn‘s taking five from the brilliant Scummy Mummies to help wannabe parents get more Chablis in without spoiling the child, and then you’ve got Me and Donald. Early enough in the evening for you to pop out and lance the cat’s boils or somesuch. It’s probably for the best.

There’s a few more big changes afoot which I’m not yet at liberty to disclose. But potentially exciting stuff, I’ll let you know as and when. In the meantime, there are several more live shows on the horizon and a festival. Yes, a festival! With mud and young people, can you imagine? There was a time I’d have given my right arm to be even considered for one. These days, I instruct my solicitors to include a BUPA proximity clause and a guaranteed airlift to and from the arena. What have I become?

IE Audio 24 : (All Quiet On) The West London Front

The art of parties (deconstructed): “Do you think we could have Demis Roussos on?”