Broken Biscuits No.5.


4.5 hours in a Triumph Herald filled to the roof with kit was always going to be interesting, but oh was it worth it! Regather Works is a great venue, so perfect for our bizarre little cabaret. But bizarre doesn’t even begin to cover it – before we knew what was what, (A Whiff of) Chester Le Flange burst onto the stage, the man himself as the pope and accidental guitarist Ollie Quiche as the Test Card, and had a startled audience eating out of their hands by the end of their first number. No mean achievement.

In case we’d forgotten where we were, The Yorkshire Teabaggers let us know. In style. With innuendo, a pinch of smut and sweet, sweet harmonies. Lovely to catch up with David McClelland after a 30 year hiatus (hit the audio tag for more of his work with Idle Eye), and we were all treated to a drink on the boys after the set. Of tea, bless ’em! Tread with caution if you’re looking them up on the Twitter, mind.

And then there was Jenny Vegas. The inimitable standard bearer of celebrity culture, she has survived the mire of her dysfunctional childhood to become the Face of Dave’s Tyres, a recorded songstress (Only If You Care/Ooh Baby) and author of the bestselling novel Love and Nuts. There is no one quite like her, except off of the telly.

Idle Eye banged out the hits as per, because we have hits and we’re not afraid to use them. And Dan Laidler‘s Windy’s Farm, despite the palaver of assembling a screen the size of Wembley Arena, was riotously received again. People were crying; they were, they were. If you’re reading this, Dan, you know what to do…

We’re back on home turf for the next one: Antenna Studios, Crystal Palace on 29th October. With a line-up so skillz, you’ll never believe we didn’t resort to bribery or extortion. Because we did with the others x

Broken Biscuits No.5.



Right, in three weeks we pack our bags and head off to the amazing Regather Works in Sheffield. It’s small, very cool and we’re delighted they’ve agreed to put us on. This time, we’ve got Shane Doane from the unstoppable Everly Pregnant Brothers, giving it a bit of welly on the stand-up; the magnificent Jenny Vegas, who will somehow find time out from her gruelling tour of Norfolk turkey farms and the DHSS to be with us – for one night only; And The Yorkshire Teabaggers, featuring David McClelland (the erstwhile star of long-forgotten 80s c-movie Cut) will be doing summat we’re pretty sure is to do with that there Yorkshire. And, of course, the redoubtable Dan Laidler‘s cult animation Windy’s Farm will make its greatest journey yet. If you’re within a fifty mile radius, there are no allowable excuses. You heard it here first x