IE Audio 17 : The Carb Uncle

Second of our recordings with the wonderful David McClelland. FYI the audio section is mid-revamp, trying to get through the posts from the book with one microphone and two time-poor wage slaves. But we’ll get there x

IE Audio 16 : The Blood Test

Ok, we’re back on the horse; I’m reading me from now on because I am me. And for this first shot, I’ve got my superb pal David McClelland to deliver the dulcet tones of Dr Nunn, my GP here in Crystal Palace. David and I first crossed paths when I was a lily-livered art student at Sheffield City Polytechnic in the 80s. He played a mildly disturbed┬ábarber for my degree show film, which was shown throughout the land in one cinema. This brings us back together for the first time in 30 years. Hope you like it x