IE Audio 15 : The Sting

An early shot. Written when I was working for my brother (Nibs) as his pub blogger and trying my darndest to subvert the medium whilst still staying within the brief. Always savoured the mental image of the Live Aid crowd fighting for that rickety table by the toilets.

IE Audio 14 : The Talented Mr Reynard

And this week it’s foxes. Something furry going on.

IE Audio 13 : The Smear

The denigration of our upstanding hirsute brethren.

IE Audio 12 : The Infernal Loop of Leeds

In Leeds, no one can hear you scream.

IE Audio 11 : The Windows to the Soul

Harnessing Dad’s old ruse.

IE Audio 10 : The Carb Uncle

The perils of going classic.

IE Audio 9 : The Messiah

“I’m not Jesus. I’m just a fella.”